Benalmádena Harbor

The harbor of the seaside resort of Benalmadena is a paradise for those who love boats. It is beautiful. all buildings, holiday apartments and beautiful boats from all over the world have been built.

You can also see fish between the holiday homes and apartments and the many waters. the harbor is full of all kinds of fish. are you on holiday in Andalusia and have you brought your fishing rod with you? then dare to catch a fish in the harbour, simply with bread on the hook you will quickly catch a fish. In Benalmádena Costa you will find the Puerto Marina, or marina, of the Spanish resort. Aside from admiring a couple of big, white ships, the Puerto Marina is also set up as a commercial centre. You will find numerous terraces and shops here. Perfect for resting after a long walk, or for sitting down all day and enjoying those Spanish temperatures with a cold glass of wine. It is also possible to book a boat trip to see dolphins from here. So Puerto Marina has something for everyone.